caroline cleary – Physiotherapist

Caroline Cleary.png

Caroline Cleary’s drive to become a Physiotherapist began early
in her sporting career as an elite netballer in Melbourne. She
began by working as a Sports Trainer and fitness professional,
from there she moved into therapeutic massage. A degree in
health science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) followed along with vast experience working with State and National sporting teams in Basketball, Netball, & Hockey.

From here, Caroline eventually chased down her original goal of becoming a Physio by entering into an accelerated Master’s program in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. Since graduating she has worked in both private practice and on orthopaedic wards in hospitals.

Caroline has also been coaching netball for nearly 20 years, and has also been teaching in higher education and professional development courses in the clinical and theoretical health sciences for almost a decade. Currently, Caroline is completing a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy through Latrobe University having recently graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy.

Caroline’s Physiotherapy passion is working with the Hip & Pelvis, and with Adolescent Injuries, this is balanced with her love for her Golden Retriever Braely